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Develop Self Confidence

Develop Critical Thinking

Teach Learning Skills

One-On-One tutoring gets results! Star Tutoring is a one-on-one tutoring company where our goals are to make learning fun and teach valuable learning skills. This means your child receives learning strategies from a single tutor for in-home convenience. We also work small group sessions for sibling-pairs, test preparation, or home school curricula to accommodate busy families. The main focus is to foster life long learning while building self confidence through academic success.

“The secret to success in math begins with arithmetic” ~JM

“With success comes self-confidence, with self-confidence comes greater accomplishments” ~JM

Please see our growing list of products to reinforce memory retention and develop learning skills. 

We look forward to hearing from you at Star Tutoring.

Teach Learning Skills

Develop Self-Confidence

Positive Role Modeling

Foster Critical Thinking

Why StarTutoring?

icon-bookOur philosophy includes exposing students to positive role models and their strategies for successful learning. This comes first by connecting with parents and teachers for prior academic information. One-on-one tutors then use comprehensive teaching to reinforced positive strategies when faced with difficult learning concepts. We feel that our years of teaching many kinds of students grants us tried and true methods for academic achievement.

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